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Austrians wedding

To get acquainted with the wedding rituals and customs of the Austrians, it is best to drive off away from the city. It was there – in rural areas – they kept the most complete form, although, of course, over the years, somewhat modified and simplified. But even in two neighboring villages, wedding ceremonies are different. Such is the specificity of Austria: in every village a way of life, their customs and even its own dialect! However, some traditional practices in one form or another can be found anywhere in Austria. About them and will be discussed.
Preparing for a wedding
The Austrians, as a people solid, start to prepare for the wedding in advance for six months, or even a year. And this can be found explanation. After all, that the Russian people – a wedding, for the Austrian – a necessary formality. Wedding in Austria, deeply Catholic country, do not usually celebrate the day of civil marriage, and the day of the wedding. And such a serious step as marriage in the church, takes a long time podgotovki.Za few months before the wedding the priest appointed meeting young (usually 3 – 4), which should prepare the future spouses to family life (Ehevor-bereitung). At one meeting with the young priest is the script of their wedding, on the other – talking to them about family life based on Christian values. In these meetings the young should also talk with an experienced married couple, but with the doctor.
Of course, preparing for the wedding does not end there. Young should make the guest list, find the appropriate restaurant to agree on the decoration of the church … But let’s not talk about it in detail, since all these procedures are well known and generally celebrate russkim.Svadby Austrians in the summer and fall – then they are not original. Very popular is the Carnival (Fasching), as well as the month of May (where the discrepancy with the Russian custom, there is – in Russia in May did not marry). Not accepted to play a wedding during Advent – in December, as well as during Lent.
An interesting detail: at the wedding in Austria is preparing the joint efforts of the bride and groom and their parents, all charges must take on the bride’s father. But, for obvious reasons, this practice is somewhat out of date. As for gifts, the Austrian approach to this matter very thoroughly. Usually the bride and groom before the wedding gifts make the list (Hochzeits-liste), which they would like to get, and leave it in a big store where you can buy everything you need for home: bed linen, kitchen utensils, appliances. Invitees come into the store and choose from a list of what they most prefer. Convenient, is not it?


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